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Milk Bath + Breastfeeding Mini Sessions

Milk Bath Mini Sessions


A great way to celebrate your baby's milestone is by doing a milk bath mini session! These sessions are a fun and unique way to celebrate the newest milestone. 


This simple and classic style shoot is done in-studio and is a 30 minute mini session. All you need to do is tell me what color flowers and greenery you would like, and I take care of the rest! 

These sessions are more ideal for babies that are able to sit up unassisted. 

Breastfeeding Milk Bath Mini Sessions

Breastfeeding milestones are just as important! Not only is this a big milestone for your baby, but such a huge one for you as a mother. It is something that deserves to be celebrated and documented! Breastfeeding mini sessions are a tasteful and elegant way to capture the bond you and your baby share. 


This session is done in-studio and is a 30-45 minute mini session. I provide high-end gowns that can be worn by mom for these, but you are more than welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in! 


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