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Berkley is ONE! - Kinley Rose Photography, Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone!!

Okay, so grab your tissues because you will need them for this blog post. Berkley turned one year a few days ago, which means of course we did a super amazing cake smash for her. When I first met Berkley and her family, I had NO idea how important they would become to me and my family. Tracy, Berkley's momma, has become my closest friend here to say the least. I have been able to watch Berkley grow from her newborn (which she was about 2 months old at) session all the way up to her first birthday party (don't worry, you'll see that as well!). Each time I see Berkley, her smile gets bigger and bigger and her eyebrow gets higher.

Once Tracy and Kyle left their cake smash I stood in my studio and started to tear up and said to myself "Holy crap where has the time gone?!". I am so happy they chose me to photograph and be apart of this sweet girls life. I will truly treasure every second.


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