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Welcome Home Tim!! - Kinley Rose Photography, Clarksville, TN Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone!!

I am so grateful, and honored, to have been able to photograph Tierra, Time, and Harley being reunited after many long months. Tierra and I planned this day for what seemed like forever, we waited at the hanger for several hours, nut as soon as soon as everyone walked in through the doors and Tierra saw Tim for the first time it was seriously amazing.

Being a military family ourselves, this is a massive part of our lives and it effects out entire community. With that being said, there was no lack of emotions when I saw Tim first hug Tierra. I completely lost is when Harley ran up to his dad and gave him a massive hug. Tierra had a special surprise for Tim too! She had a custom wedding band made from an old WWII rifle with part of a uniform IN the ring!

I am so happy for this family to be one again and even more happy that I was able to be there for them.


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