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Happy Halloween Everyone! - Kinley Rose Photography, Clarksville, TN Newborn Photography

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I wanted to keep these blog post super short and sweet because I know everyone is getting ready for trick or treating tonight! My good friend Emily offered to help me with a session that I have been wanting to do for a while now - a smoking pumpkin! Originally, Emily had carved a pumpkin for me and we planned on using that. But it didn't make it long enough for our shoot. So as I was running out the door, I grabbed my pumpkin caldron and figured it was worth a shot.

I had never used a smoked bomb before, and I will be honest it was a bit nerve racking trying to pull the pin. So when I got home, my husband helped me with using an actual pumpkin with a different smoke bomb. I can't decide which ones I love more. What do you think?!

Be safe tonight and stay warm!!


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