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Alyssa + Jake - Kinley Rose Photography, Ludowici, GA Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone!!

This is a super special blog post for you all today! When we PCS'd (military moved) to our new duty station, I was so upset about leaving our friends in Kentucky. Even more so, when two of them announced they were expecting their first baby. Since Alyssa and Jake announced their pregnancy, I told them how sad I was that we weren't able to celebrate together, in person.

Fast forward a few months, I receive a text message from Alyssa asking about dates they could come visit. I was SHOCKED! With all things military, nothing is ever set in stone. So I didn't want to get too excited just in case something changed.

You guys, they drove 12 hours to Ludowici just so I could do their maternity pictures. Lets not mention that they moved themselves to the other side of the country just a few days later. If that isn't the most amazing thing ever, I don't know what is. I was so over the moon during and after their session. Even more so when I sent their final gallery to them.

Alyssa and Jake, you both are going to make the absolute best parents ever. Alyssa, you are a strong, loving, momma to be. Jake, you are going to be such a great Dad. Between you and Baby, you guys will be keeping Alyssa on her toes. Just make sure to take extra good care of them both (I know you will!).


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